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The revolution in the organic
waste industry

Astoria Invest AG initiates the construction and operation of industrial composting facilities. By doing so, we help federal states, municipalities and towns to solve their organic waste problem in an eco-friendly manner. At the same time, we can offer private investors lucrative holdings in a stable growth market.

The unique process of industrial composting has been continuously developed and optimised over a period of 20 years and is now used successfully worldwide. The natural process is now reduced to just eight weeks by introducing the most basic of resources (oxygen) – with virtually no emissions and CO2-neutral. Astoria Super-Compost systems are the solution to one of the great challenges of our time: the steadily rising volume of organic waste.

Innovative and proven, simple and reliable, optimised and eco-friendly.
A unique technology: simply green · simply great

Investor fair 2013, Frankfurt/M., TV interview on raw materials with Ms Camilla Dumbeck (in German)